Ready to grow your church like never before in 2022?

The Lead Pastors Coaching Network is for senior pastors who want to build back a stronger church in 2022, start growing their congregation again, and reach more people for Christ than ever before!

The Network is led by Pastor Tim Lucas, founder of Liquid Church which was named one of America’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Churches for 4 consecutive years by Outreach magazine (2018-2021). A national expert in healthy church systems, Pastor Tim loves helping pastors push past leadership lids and organizational pain points to reach more people for Christ & shatter growth barriers in their ministry.

Over the past several years, Pastor Tim coached 50 Lead Pastors of churches (ranging in size from 150 to 2,500) who experienced record attendance, increased financial giving, and grew their church by hundreds of new visitors, volunteers, leaders, & small groups.

What is the Network?

In 2022, the Coaching Network will focus on helping Lead Pastors rebuild their congregations, retool their ministry strategies for growth, and regain momentum in a post-Covid world. Specifically:

  • This 9-month coaching program begins in January 2022 and culminates in a one-day leadership conference in September (9 sessions total).
  • The Network meets once a month (hybrid of in-person teaching & Zoom) for a deep dive on the 12 dynamic systems for healthy church growth taught by Pastor Tim, subject matter experts, and special guests.
  • Each month, Lead Pastors will receive a detailed, proven 4-step ministry system & practical strategy to customize for their unique context.  Supporting PDF documents, templates, ministry forms, best practices, graphics and creative assets are all included in the cost of the Coaching Network. 
  • We’ll cover topics relevant to rebuilding your church post-Covid in 2022 and how Lead Pastors can help their teams:
    • Backfill volunteers
    • Re-start the flywheel of growth
    • Strengthen the emotional health of your team
    • Engage the future of online church & digital ministry
    • Increase the generosity of core donors in a post-Covid world

The goal of our Network is simple: To help Lead Pastors rebuild stronger congregations, retool their ministry systems & teams, and start growing again in 2022!

This 12-month Coaching Network begins in January 2021 and meets once a month (typically the second Tuesday). It’s an opportunity to devote an entire day, once-a-month to get “up in the balcony” and get a view of your ministry from the 30,000 foot level– to see what’s working, what needs changing or fine-tuning, evaluating staff, and identifying pressure points and growth barriers.  

Each month, we will work “on your church” and help you develop the new strategies & systems necessary to help your church reach more people for Christ in 2021.

Do you have the desire to grow your church from 150 to 300?  From 300 to 600? To break 1,000 people in weekend attendance?  The goal of this network is to rip the lid off your leadership & equip you with practical tools, proven strategies, and best practices from other Lead Pastors who’ve done it.  We’re not here to compare or compete– let’s put aside our logos & egos and do something great for Christ together!

Reality is: When the Lead Pastor gets better, everyone around him gets better– your staff, your volunteers, your donors, and your church will widen their impact!  So let’s open the hood of your ministry & work on it together so you can reach more people for Jesus than ever before in 2021.  

The 2021 Coaching Network is now accepting applications and will be limited to 15 Lead Pastors from around the country.

If you are interested & would like to receive updates, email